What is a college preparatory school?

It's a one semester program, where your eligibility is preserved, where you get to play junior college teams and other college prep teams, to showcase your skills and possibly get recruited.

What are the advantages of a preparatory school?

There are several advantages to going to a prep school. They are:

  • Athletes that are scholarship capable can go to school for one more semester to possibly achieve scholarship offers.
  • It preserves your eligibility. It is only one semester for most student athletes, compared to junior college level, where two years of eligibility are used.
  • It allows mid year enrollment 
  • Athletes are able  play a different position/ or be put in a better position than what they were in high school. Some athletes do not get to play the right position for them in high school depending on the offense/defense they ran, so prep schools are able to look and place them where they would fit best for colleges.
  •  Prep schools also help develop athletes maturity by them taking on a college like schedule for college athletes.


What will our athletes be fed?

Apex Gourmet is a gourmet meal preparation business offering food choices that are fresh and ready-to-eat. The meals are all prepared by a skilled chef and customized for our athletes.  Our athletes will be fed, breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. Game day meals will be provided as well. Athletes will have to provide their own meals for Sunday.

Where will athletes stay?


Our athletes will be housed at Tuscana Resort in ChampionsGate, Florida! 


Where will our athletes train?

All of our strengthening and conditioning needs will be ran by Coach Alan at his gym, Iron House.


What about recovery?

Elite Sports Prep has partnered with Ultra Cryo & Recovery, for our athletes recovery needs. Our athletes will have access to cryotherapy that will help speed up recovery due to soreness and injuries etc. Check out some of their pictures below!!